Major increases in CPM

Increase the CPMs of your branding campaigns with pin-point targeting and exponential performance (on CTR, CVR, …)

New budgets

Through our optimized campaigns, get access to new merchant budgets

Distinctive offer

Create more value on your content and your audience by detecting their intentions on 30,000+ keywords

AntVoice - Logo : Valeurs Actuelles

Valeurs Actuelles anglais

15 November 2017

AntVoice - Logo : Dromadaire

Dromadaire anglais

15 November 2017

AntVoice - Logo : LCI

LCI anglais

15 November 2017

AntVoice - Logo : Groupe Cerise

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15 November 2017

AntVoice - Logo : Prisma Media

Prisma Media anglais

15 November 2017


Create ultra-precised targeting

Offer to your customers ultra-targeted campaigns (as precise as GAFA) and increase your eCPM !

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AntVoice - Logo : Garnier

40% vs a campaign targeted towards a website focus on beauty products

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Get access to new budgets

Generate more value to your audience by exposing them to adequate e-merchants and retailers products through AntVoice’s ad recommendation solution

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AntVoice - Logo : Prisma Media

€1.70 of average CPM

Get access to new e-merchant budgets (ie.Priceminister, Yves Rocher)

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