+50 to 80%

on click-through rate

+5 to 8%

additional page views


One-to-one approach

Offer a personalized reading experience in every touchpoints

Unique technology

An adaptative A.I. according to your main KPIs : ie. maximization of the number of pages viewed, focus on a specific categories that generate more advertising revenue,…

Performance model

Variable compensation based on the number of page views generated (business partner approach)

Omnichannel experience

Provide a consistent reading experience across your different channels

Take your editorial rules into account

Through our simple and intuitive interface, you can easily set up all your editorial rules (ie. recency) depending on the reading context (ie. day of the week, time of the day, weather)

AntVoice - Logo : Valeurs Actuelles

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15 November 2017

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15 November 2017

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15 November 2017

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15 November 2017


Offer a "people-based" experience to your readers...

Increase reader navigation on your site and their retention through relevant content selection (ie.articles, videos, news, TV programs) that are most likely to interest them throughout their entire time browsing

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… while taking into consideration your specific rules

Easily set up recommendation modules by taking into account all the editorial rules (recency, content type, frequency…) through a simple and intuitive tool

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Optimize the production of your content

Create a qualitative relationship by producing content that matches with their real-time intention

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