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16 January 2018

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2 January 2018

AntVoice - Client : Deejo

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27 November 2017

AntVoice - Client : Mes ampoules gratuites

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16 November 2017

AntVoice - Client : anglais

16 November 2017

AntVoice - Logo : Lightonline

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15 November 2017

AntVoice - Logo : Made in meubles

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15 November 2017

AntVoice - Logo : Tikamoon

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15 November 2017

AntVoice - Logo : Adeo

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15 November 2017

AntVoice - Logo : Delamaison

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15 November 2017

Optimize your advertising investment

Target buying mode customers that are interested to any of your home decoration products (living room lighting, Roche Bobois, removals, bathroom, etc.) and provide ultra-precised ad campaigns with qualitative banners as soon as an interest is identified for a specific products (carpets, coffee tables, etc.)

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internet users looking to make home based purchases

Turn your visitors into buyers

Offer a unique experience for lovers of decoration and those looking for inspiration with personalized recommendations throughout every step of the multi-channels customer journey (ie. site – mobile – email)

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AntVoice - Témoignage de Emilien Mahé : Responsable e-merchandising chez Delamaison

“AntVoice solution helps us to enrich our customer purchasing experience by emplementing higly precise recommandation strategies for each touchpoint, while generating significant incremental sales.Emilien Mahé Head of e-merchandising – Delamaison

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