Prepare your cookieless acquisition effectively

We help advertisers and agencies adapt
their media activation to the cookieless world
thanks to our targeting and bidding technology
unique in Europe.

Why should I choose AntVoice ?

Target consumers before your competitors

More performance for your acquisition budgets

Saving time for your teams

Qualitative environment for your brand

To reach your objectives, you will be accompanied by one of our Customer Success team during the entire campaign.

AntVoice use the best of technologies to provide more performance, control and quality

– Predict buyers’intentions to target consumers before they start any buying process

– Detect the most effective banner placements and formats for your brand

– Manage the ad campaign to provide a personalized and optimized experience to each web users

– Continuously learn and optimize campaign thanks to Machine Learning

Illustration sur la technologie d'AntVoice

Get the best customer acquisition cost

We strive to get the best performance by optimizing the whole value chain (targeting, ad placement selection, bidding, DCO) through A.I and machine learning

> 95%

of new visitors

from 10€ to 90€

the customer acquisition cost


on a qualified visit cost

Discover the advertisers who already recruit their future customers through predictive targeting

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